Two of the Best Family Vehicles

Let us take a look at two of the best SUVs on the market.

Why purchase an SUV?

An SUV is a great family option because many models have additional seating and some can be used for light to medium off-road driving.

They are generally less fuel efficient than the wagons, but this is slowly changing as the design and engineering is refined. The following are two of the top selling family SUVs and two that are definitely worthwhile including on your SUV reviews list.

Kia Sportage
The Kia Sportage is one of the most popular smaller-sized SUVs on the market. The new model features a very impressive design and a spacious cabin. The extra features on offer will impress even the pickiest of families. The diesel engine variant is fantastic, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the petrol engine. It is also one of the cheapest cars in this market, which makes a great value for money. The main drawback of this vehicle is the poor rear vision, which is more drawback of the design than the vehicle.

Toyota Rav 4
The Rav 4 was one of the initial SUVs to enter vehicle markets and it still impresses today. There is no doubt that this is a compact SUV, but the interior is so spacious that it is easy to forget and it is very comparable to other larger SUVs on the market in terms of space. This vehicle comfortably carries five adults and has plenty of cargo space in the boot. The V-6 engine is a great choice for this vehicle, but the fuel economy does let it down somewhat. The design is nothing to write home about, and it does seem a little dated compared with other models.

Both of these vehicles are all worthy of being your next family car. There is no single best vehicle in this country, because each family has different needs. It is important to weigh up the options and features of each vehicle to find one that will best suit your needs.

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Austin Celebrities

celebIs it something in the water? Austin is a land of sweet and beautiful people – ones gifted with truly natural gorgeousness that practically need no enhancements. No plastic surgeons needed here.

A lot of celebs were born and raised in this great Texan city. The ladies born here are abundant in beauty and grace and that legendary Southern charm. Seventies icon and Charlie’s Angel star Farah Fawcett called it home. She’ll be forever known for her lustrous wavy hair and welcoming smile. Girls next door Sandra Bullock and Renee Zellwegger – both known for their sweet and adorable dispositions both on and off-screen, also have Austin as their hometown.

The menfolk in this town too are pretty special. Who knew that hotties Dennis Quaid with his captivating grin and Matthew McConaughey with his glorious bare chest hail from this town. Ben McKenzie of The O.C. television series fame is also an Austinite. His role in the show is that of a quiet, brooding and angsty teen, which suits his personality to a T. Ethan Hawke, whom we’ve seen grow from his supporting role in Dead Poets Society to his inspiring role as genetically challenged Victor in Gattaca has his roots in this town as well.

Not only is he a beautiful, beautiful man, but fashion designer Tom Ford himself is a creator of beauty. Having brought the labels Gucci and Louis Vuitton into the 21st century.

Austin also breeds genius, as talented film directors and writers Terence Malick, Richard Linklater, and Robert Rodriguez. Terence Malick is known for writing and directing films that are considered experimental and introspective, such as the war film The Thin Red Line, and the brooding and reflective The Tree of Life. Richard Linklater is famous for experimental movies too, that are also “talkies”, which don’t have a lot of action but have lots of philosophical dialogue instead, which is especially true in the animated Waking Life, and his Before Sunrise-Sunset-Midnight trilogy with fellow Austinite Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who both share writing credits as they mostly improve their lines. Robert Rodriguez is a strange sort of filmmaker, as he alternates between wholesome children’s adventure stories to violet-ridden ones with lots of guns, blood, and gore.

With all these wonderful, beautiful people, coming from Austin, it really makes one wonder if there is something in the water.

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Confronting Spider Veins Seriously

Spider veins? Seriously? Who has time for them?

The Manhattan lifestyle is crazy enough for a single woman, but for a single mom, it’s absolute mayhem. It’s rush, rush, rush. We wake up running, we hurry through breakfast and bath, then off to drop off baby at daycare. Then a mad sprint to make it to work on time, which is only the beginning of a mayhem-filled day scrambling to make appointments. Then there’s the standstill that happens during rush hour when everybody’s rushing but nothing is moving. Traffic is heavy and slow as catsup in a newly opened bottle.

Of course I’ll get spider veins. My legs are shot from all that running and being on my feet all day. But who cares, really? I’m not going to die from them just yet. I just need to make my deadlines for the day.

But the thing is, I didn’t think I could afford to ignore them. Spider veins are glaring signs that something is not right. There might already be varicose veins lurking way below the surface. In the midst of my busy sched, I did end up taking some time off to make a couple of appointments: one with a vascular specialist to discuss some options for making them disappear, the other with a specialist in homeopathic treatments, just so I actually hear pros and cons for every option.

As a general rule, I try to avoid anything invasive or involving chemical laden drugs, unless there isn’t any other viable option. Life in New York is artificial enough as it is, and I’ve already reached my bad artificial stuff quota with my Oreo fixation, and all preservatives and artifice in all the chips and TV dinners that I buy.

I checked out and I think that sclerotheraphy may be my best treatment option for spider veins. This involves injecting a solution into each vein which will then cause it to shrink. Simple. But to prevent its recurrence, I need to make some lifestyle choices that involve more exercise and a healthier diet.

The homeopathic guy told me that massaging apple cider vinegar twice a day on the area with spider veins should do the trick. He also said that I should eat healthy and exercise more.

What do you know, the hardcore science guy and the hardcore hippie guy agree on something. But I think I’ll take the hippie’s advice on the cider vinegar.

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Exfoliation at Home

Dry, rough skin is oftentimes a problem easily handled by very basic exfoliation. The dryness and roughness are a result of all those dead skin cells accumulating in the surface of the skin. They make skin wrinkly and old-looking too. Sloughing the dead skin off is a sure way to instantly freshen up the skin and make it look younger.

Using a loofa or bath puff with your shower gel helps the process along, as do body scrubs and facial scrubs. A basic rule of thumb is, the rougher it feels, the more it exfoliates. So a loofa is more exfoliating than a wash towel, and a brush exfoliates better than a loofa, and a pumice stone more than a brush. Different parts of the body require different levels of exfoliation: soles of the feet need rougher exfoliants, knees and elbows need less, torso needs even less than that, and the face needs the gentlest.

You can replicate at home some rejuvenating scrub treatments that you’d find in Adelaide spas like Your kitchen holds all sorts of ingredients that you can make into your very own custom made body scrubs. All you need is an abrasive and a medium that will hold it together, so that the mixture looks like a paste. Salt and sugar are kitchen staples that are often used as abrasives in commercial scrubs. Seeds and nuts can be ground or pulsed in a food processor to make wonderful scrubs — the finer the grind, the gentler it is. Your choice of one or more abrasives can be held together by something fatty, such as mashed avocado, mayonnaise, or cream — which then creates in a nourishing and moisturizing scrub. On the other hand, adding something cool and light to your abrasives — fruit purees, gelatin, or honey, for example — creates a refreshing scrub with the added benefit of vitamin C, which is great for oily skin.

When creating a scrub for the face, make sure to use a gentle abrasive, such as quick cooking oats, and finely ground nuts. Try using honey as a base and massage it into your face in gentle, circular strokes for a wonderful home facial that will bring you instant facial rejuvenation. You’ll feel it as soon as you rinse off!

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Keeping Abreast with Breast Lift

breast lift orange countyIt’s difficult to feel attractive with breasts that hang down. Fortunately, Orange County women who are not happy with their breast outline and fullness can fix the gravitational effect, loss of weight, pregnancy and breast feeding by deciding on a breast lift procedure from a cosmetic care.

What an individual needs to know about breast lift in Orange County is that there are three types of procedures our cosmetic surgeons use. These include:

Full breast lift: It’s the most persistent lift procedure and it’s normally performed on women with much bigger breasts, a big amount of sagging and whose nipple placement has dropped considerably because of pregnancy or weight loss.

Benelli Lift is a less persistent modified approach. It’s an option for the women with less drooping skin but has experienced position of the nipple falling; as a result, the breasts aren?t as lively.

Crescent Lift is a modified lift and is typically for the younger women or those with smaller breasts least drooping. It entails just a small, crescent shaped cut. The surgeon takes out a tiny piece of skin just above the nipple and simply perks the nipple up a little.

All the women who consider having breast lift include those who:

  • Have less volume and sagging because of pregnancy or breast feeding. Its however advised that those who have plans for getting more babies to consider postponing the procedure
  • Have lost a considerable amount of weight and their breast have become saggy with a lot of excess skin and lack of fullness as a result.
  • Have uneven breasts with one side being much larger and droopier than the other.
  • Have drooping breasts because of age or genes and cannot get the desired results with only breast implants.
  • Have tiny sagging breasts

How you will look and feel after breast lifting

  • Immediately after surgery the breast will be wrapped and fixed with a sports bra that you?ll put on for a number of days.
  • The breast may be bruised, engorged and painful for the first few days. Any uneasiness or tenderness can be controlled with medication.
  • There may be incidences of deadness around the nipples and the skin of your breast temporarily. The feeling should return though, when the swelling subside.
  • Many women go back to work within a week or so but you should keep your activity level at the least.
  • You should avoid lifting heavy staff in the first three to four hours
  • You should not have sex for four to six weeks. Exhausting activities like sports should also be avoided in the course of the first month.

The Orange County breast lift patients have reported that they are very happy after the surgery in New Contours. Most women, many months after surgery have confirmed how happy they were to buy new clothes and lingerie. This surgery should not influence the ability of a woman to nurse in the future because milk ducts and nipples are left in place during the procedure.

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Defying the Signs of Aging with Botox

botox portland maineThe mention of Botox rings a bell with most people as a cosmetic treatment used to defy signs of aging. Its popularity as a cosmetic treatment began to soar after it received approval of regulatory bodies such as the FDA in 2002. However, most people lack any real or tangible information on constitution and applications of Botox. This can often lead to patients making ill-informed decisions on receiving Botox treatment or finding themselves at a loss of direction when looking for an authentic health care institution to undergo such treatment. For instance, to get Botox in Portland, Maine, you need to arm yourself with all relevant information on the procedure and doctors that specialize in it like the Cosmetic Enhancement Center.

What is Botox?

It is a trade name for Butolinum toxin – a neurotoxic protein generated by a microbe, Clostridium Butolinum. When used in controlled quantities, it can significantly reduce signs of aging such as crow’s feet, wrinkles, layered neck and creased brow. Butolinum toxin is effectively diluted and administered in small quantities to check weakening of muscles. This is popularly known as the Botox shot or injection.

The Principle

Botox works on wrinkles and other side-effects of aging by restricting the flow of signals from the nerves to the affected area. This results in eventual softening of the muscle as it loses its ability to contract. The outcome of a Botox treatment is that an instant and visible improvement can be seen in as less as two days; however, one Botox injection does not eliminate wrinkles or creases permanently. These tend to resurface after four to six months. Repeated Botox shots can significantly curb the severity of these fine lines and wrinkles.

Not a Surgical Procedure

One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of this treatment is that it’s a non-surgical procedure. A person receiving Botox does not need to be put under anesthesia. A fine needle is used to inject the protein into affected muscle. The procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes with optimum precision and minimal distress. This means you can receive this treatment anywhere, anytime provided you have the relevant information and the finances to foot the bill. You do not need work your holiday or other plans around the Botox treatment schedule. If you are on a trip to Maine, you can make a brief halt to get Botox in Portland, Maine and move on.

Possible Risks Involved

It is important to choose your doctor carefully while opting for a Botox treatment, since efficient handling can make it a low-risk procedure. Slight swelling, bruising or headaches are commonly experienced by many a patient after receiving a Botox shot. However, if administered incorrectly the Botox liquid can travel to adjacent tissues and expose a patient to side-effects like eyelid droop, crooked smile, harebrained brows or dry eye. In some rare cases, Botox can trigger conditions such as difficulty in breathing, poor vision, weakened muscles and inadequate bladder control. It is advisable to contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms even weeks after your Botox treatment.

Once you have learnt all about Botox and made up your mind about receiving the treatment, it is time to prepare your body for it. The first step is to stop consumption of alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs, and blood thinner at least a week in advance. Botox is not advisable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and patients with a history of neurological disorders.

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Incorporate Your Animals In your SHTF Plan

crazy dog with big lazy eyesWhen catastrophe strikes, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. Getting your supplies together and bugging out to somewhere safe with your family is definitely an all-consuming task. It is no surprise that our animals normally put up with for the duration of this dishevel. We worry, our pets stress, and no one is operating at their calmest. This is why it’s so essential to plan for your pets’ protection as well as your very own. When our feelings are scattered, we want a simple intend to tumble back again on so anyone, like our furry loved ones, are integrated and kept safe and sound. Listed here are some essential tips for arranging your pets’ basic safety in the course of an emergency predicament.


Possibly quite possibly the most significant thing to perform for the pet is usually to make sure they wear a collar with identification tags. Your pet will probably be terrified during a catastrophe or crisis and could operate away. Pets without identification tags are hardly ever returned for their owners inside the case of evacuation. The stories of pets going for walks hundreds or 1000s of miles to return to their home are incredibly exceptional. They make superior headlines, but they do not explain to the story from the hundreds of thousands who in no way return since they you should not have any identification.

A fairly improved technique of identification for pets is definitely the micro-chip. This tiny identification chip is inserted beneath the skin through a hypodermic needle. It really is rather inexpensive. You sign up your pet’s microchip on-line. Then, anyone who finds your dog might take him or her to any vet where by they operate a scanner about the skin, identical to at the food market. If you can find a microchip, the scanner will examine the data, on the web database that has your facts. They are going to then make contact with you with the whereabouts of your pet. This method is far more reliable than collars and tags, which can be easily lost.
A Pet Pack

It is very good idea to own a crisis evacuation pack geared up for every member of one’s household, including your non-human family members. Putting this pet bug out bag together  will just take the guess workout of what to grab for those who should evacuate in a very hurry. What in case you put in an crisis evacuation pack for your pet? This is a list of a few things I would advocate owning in your pet’s shtf survival gear. Of course, your dog could have to have other objects, but these are definitely just some reminders.


Your dog may very well be more compact than you might be, nonetheless they will require numerous water, particularly because they will be pressured


Pack a number of days worth of single servings of dry food stuff in compact plastic ziploc baggies.

Dishes for foods and water

Opt for the collapsible kind, for easier storage and travel.

Leash and harness

When the SHTF, your pet is going to be even more stressed out than you are. Make sure you don’t forget a leash just in case one of them decides to run for the hills.

Pet carrier or kennel

Another way to keep your pets close and safe is to use a carrier or kennel. This is especially true for cats.


Use a warm blanket readily available to safeguard your pet in severe weather conditions

Toys and chewies

Waiting out a disaster is nerve-racking so getting a thing to play with and chew on may help your dog relieve anxiousness
Prescription drugs and prescription copies
Clinical history copies, such as rabies photographs, and so on.
Keep your pets’ unexpected emergency pack correct along with your family’s packs. By doing this you will not really have to imagine two times and be concerned about what to seize to your pet. The confusion might generate nervousness and turmoil during the dwelling, and figuring out that the pet might be safe and sound may help reduce some of the pressure. Remember – your dog is unable to request for whatever they have to have, so it can be your position to deliver it by arranging ahead of time.


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If I Were a Rich Woman

plastic surgery ScottsdaleI’ve been playing to a lot of Fiddler on the Roof lately while I’m working and puttering about in the house. And I really found myself responding emotionally to Tevye’s daydream of becoming a rich man…

“If I were a rich man, yabidoo bidoo bidoo dobee dum,

all day long I’d bidee bidee bum,

if I were a wealthy man

I wouldn’t have to work hard

yabidoo bidoo bidoo dobee dum…”

He talked about building a house with two staircases, filling his yard with turkeys and geese, and giving his wife nice clothes and servants. Well yeah, it’s nice to fantasize about being comfortable, about not having to work. And I asked myself what I would do if I were a rich woman.

I don’t think I’d love not working. But I would appreciate the luxury of doing work that I love. I’d love to be more active in my children’s PTA and participate or even help organize events and projects. I would love to have the time to make dinners really special, instead of the hurried and frenzied preparation and consumption. I don’t see myself idle, or just plain self-indulgent, like those Real Housewives of Scottsdale, Birmingham, or some other. Pampering? Definitely “yes” on massages and facials, manicures and pedicures. Plastic surgery? “No” to facelift and Botox, a “maybe” to a tummy tuck or a lipo from Dr.Geoffrey Leber.

I’d love to have shopping money to splurge on myself and the kids, but on special occasions only, we don’t want to be too spoiled. While I love the thought at having a closetful of shoes, I’d draw the line at those ridiculously priced bags, only one of which can feed all the poor people in a small third world country for a year.

And speaking of which, I would definitely love serving in different charities that I believe in. I would probably throw half my money and most of my time on those, especially those focused on education, health, and the arts. And I would involve my kids too, because it’s never too early to inculcate a sense of social responsibility.

But that’s just me, and I’m only daydreaming about what I would do if I were a rich woman.

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Infomercial Blues

drtv agencyIt seems so unfair that just when I am done with all my chores, the kids are all tucked into bed, and I finally have some much deserved TV time for myself, there’s absolutely nothing to watch! The episodes from favorite shows seem to have been aired much earlier. All that’s left for me are the really tacky infomercials, which I hate, generally, but somehow find myself sitting through and actually paying attention to. Later on I would usually feel nauseated, embarrassed, and disgusted with myself.

One of the things I hate about this, um, genre, if I would even dare to loosely call it such, is the blatant manipulation. It’s like these people underestimate their viewers’ ability to pick up their insincerity. Everything usually just seems really, really fake. The situations obviously staged and the problems are grossly exaggerated, the benefits of the solution (whatever is being sold) just as grossly exaggerated and dismally staged. I mean, seriously, spilled milk is not the end of the world, my buying a new mop will not solve climate change, or promote world peace, or solve world hunger.

Even the testimonials are horribly scripted and horribly delivered. And that line “if you call within the next 15 minutes…”, yep I can see through that so easily. Try to keep it real, guys.

I don’t mind being sales-talked into buying things. I understand that products have to be shown in the best light, and that scripts are required for these things. But what I resent is that there’s so little is done to hide the fakeness and the manipulation. It’s downright disrespectful. I want these marketers to at least make the effort to sound sincere, to make their demonstrations and situations seem genuine. If they want my money, they should spend a reasonable amount of money on a decent DRTV agency like Script to Screen (I liked what they did with CBTL – gorgeous photography, classy writing) that will provide some finesse and polish to the infomercial. Enough with the bad lighting, bad acting, bad directing. I am desperate for some entertainment that I am perfectly willing to suspend my disbelief, if given some motivation to do so.

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LASIK for Busy Moms

LASIK Surgery AustinTo the fashionable lady, the world of eyeglasses and frames might be an exciting one with all their different designs and materials. Cat’s eye-shaped, wraparound, round, wire-rimmed, horn-rimmed, tortoiseshell, plastic, with mother-of-pearl inlays, crystal inlays, or none – the variety is mind boggling. Playing with all that would surely be interesting. Then there are the contacts, imagine the possibilities that come with changing up one’s eye color to match one’s mood or outfit. Never mind that they require cleaning and all that — it’s much too fun!

But to a busy mom who juggles job, errands, chores, PTA, and soccer practice, it’s not fun. Eyeglasses are just one more thing to lose or forget, and contact lenses are just another chore that sucks up time. She hardly has time to put on makeup, much less put on contacts.

Taking care of her vision problems, once and for all, would be certainly be a boon. That’s just what Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis or LASIK surgery is, a boon, a blessing, a great load off the shoulders. Also known as laser eye surgery in Eye Physicians of Austin, it corrects vision by carving and reshaping the outer layer of the eye, the cornea, so that it’s like having built-in contact lenses. It can fully correct, and is therefore recommended for, patients with mild to moderate myopia or farsightedness. This means no more fumbling for eyeglasses, no more blurry vision in the shower, and no more tedious cleaning of contacts, or fear of them getting blown away or going down the drain.

Some post-operative care is required after LASIK, just until the corneas are healed completely. But till then sunglasses are required to protect the eyes from too much sun, and some eyedrops are prescribed to keep the eyes from getting too dry. It may take some time for vision to normalize, but when it does, it usually is just perfect! Follow up visits to the ophthalmologist is required, at least for the next year, just to make sure that everything’s going as it should. But generally there’s such a high patient satisfaction rate with LASIK, as successful procedures greatly improve their quality of life.

This is one surgery busy working moms with vision problems will surely covet. Those from Austin can contact EPA for advanced eye care.

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