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Listed below is an example of an article submitted by Katrina C.:

Single Parenting

Single parenting  can be a result of the loss of a partner,  a broken marriage or individuals choosing to be single parents without getting married. Several single parents are trying to strike a balance between their family life and professional life. It can be very taxing at times. There may be times when you do not know how to cope with the emotional stress and this can take a heavy toll on both your personal as well professional life. It can also be stressful for the children involved. Being aware and knowledgeable can be helpful for those who are already single parents and those entering into single parenting.

It is a myth that children brought up by single parents often feel lonely and isolated. It has been proven through various studies that children brought up in a single-parent household lead a very normal life and also succeed professionally if they are raised to be confident and independent.

Rather than see their parents argue and fight regularly, children whose parents have separated and moved on are often happy to see their parents happy. According to studies, these children do not develop behavioral disorders, unlike other children whose parents are fighting constantly.

Children in this kind of household learn to take responsibility at an early age. They help around the household and help with the daily chores. They learn to deal with difficult situations well and also become independent sooner.

The situation also enables the parent to form a closer bond with the child. They get to spend more quality time together. The parent is able to teach all the values and morals that the parent believes in and to communicate well. When separated parents are in good terms with each other, their children will get to experience two different approaches in life, which means a greater learning experience.