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Five Parenting Tips You Did Not Know

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There is no perfect way to raise a child.  As parents, we may commit mistakes—either because of our doing or our undoing.  But no matter what, it is but important to put our child’s welfare as our priority.  That being in mind, here are some helpful tips on effective parenting.

1. Take notice of your child

Parents should pay attention to the abilities of their children and allow children to take more responsibility as they see fit. When your child comes to you, you must stop what you’re doing and pay attention.  If you are stressed, you will not be able to give the right kind of attention to your children.  Nothing could be more harming for a child than to feel unwanted and neglected.  Without notice, the child could seek attention elsewhere—from friends, peers, in school and whoever they feel would be willing to give them attention.  This is a delicate matter as the child could lose identity and get a wrong sense of brotherhood and family.

2. Remember the importance of non-verbal communication

Do not take for granted the comfort of smiles and hugs.  More than the talk, a parent should hear and see what the child is not saying.  Of course, communication is a good key to a good parent-child relationship.  But more than that, a child would truly appreciate the parents’ hand.  Showing affection makes the child comforted.

3. Listen

While we believe that talking or sometimes nagging the child would instil good values, the power of listening should never be undermined.  Listening keeps the child comfortable.  This will help the child feel comfortable speaking up and boos his confidence.  Listening also develops honesty.  We need to understand that listening is half of the communication process.

4. Play with your Children

Take the time and make the effort to play with your children is essential for parent-child relationship healthy.  It also strengthens the relationship between parents and children.  A cooking class with your children will boost the relationship.  Helping them with their homework can inspire them to excel in reading and math.  Not only that, it will also help to improve your own parenting skills.  Positive parenting should not be too permissive.  There are trials along the way that will test your ability to be a good parent.  A sense of being at home is greatly enhanced when children and parents play together or do activities together like sharing meals, tasks and responsibilities.

5. Seek advice

Let’s face it, parents can learn from other parents.  New parents often get a lot of advice from their own parents, and their parents’ parent.  It is a cycle—you can get some bad advice and you can get some good advice.  It does not matter which one you follow—after all, it is your child’s welfare and future which is at stake here so being in charge, listening and heeding advice can be of great support.  Remember that people who give parenting advice have the best intentions in the world.

These are all tips that you can use to develop your relationship with your child.  As stated, there is no perfect and easy way to raise a child.  A lot of patience is needed when dealing with children and it is very important that parents go along with their children to ensure that they do not become misguided or lost.  Aside from that, children who are bonded to their parents will tend to grow just like them.  If you raise your child in a culture of trust, kindness and confidence, odds are that the child will carry it once he becomes a member of the society, and they will also pass it on to their children.


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